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Genuine Gates GT2 Open Timing Belt

Genuine Gates GT2 Open Timing Belt

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Gates belts are the pioneering belt manufacturing, they are known for high power transmission and quality. 2GT synchronous belts are reinforced with fibreglass and nylon fabric for excellent wear resistance and longevity, they are perfect for 3D printers that want fast, reliable and quiet motion without maintenance.

Key Specifications

  • Fibreglass reinforced rubber makes it more wear resistant and reduces stretch when tensioned 
  • Nylon Fabric covers the teeth profile to provide excellent grip on pulleys, and to give wear resistant surface 
  • Studied teeth profile that spreads force among all the teeth, 2GT belt profile
  • Rated up to 85 degrees 
  • 6/9mm belt widths 
  • 2mm tooth pitch 
  • These belts are designed for (link to pulleys and idlers)

Included in the box

    • N Length of belt purchased.
    • For example: purchasing a quantity of 5 will result in you getting 1 belt that is 5 meters in length. If you require multiple different sizes, please drop us a message using the contact form or chat widget, we are happy to accommodate  .
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